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The top end types of Recreational Aviation (RA-AUS) are extremely appealing, some examples can even be registered within the VH- category of General Aviation.

Recreational Aviation (RA-Aus) is booming in Australia! It's a great place to commence flying training as I did with lessons in an Australian (Hughes) Lightwing taildragger, registered 25-0037. Shortly afterwards I moved into General Aviation and have now had a long history of flying many Cessna types. I still like to sample some of the many different RA-Aus aircraft which are available when I get the chance. Another big area of movement within the aviation industry is long-term General Aviation pilot's becoming members of the RA-Aus movement and enjoying their future flying with Recreational Aviation aircraft.


Fly Synthesis Texan (24-7427)


Vans RV-9A (19-7781)


BRM Aero Bristell LSA (24-8183)


Piper LightSport (24-7924)


TL Ultralight 2000 Sting (24-4555 & VH-SDV)


Global Aviation Sling (19-8120)


Australian Lightwing SP-2000S (24-7373)


Australian Lightwing SP-2000S


Australian Lightwing GR-912S (24-4658 & 55-4448)


Tecnam P92 Eaglet (24-7600 & VH-VET)


Avtech Jabiru SP-T (19-3401)


Avtech Jabiru J-160 (24-4870)


Avtech Jabiru J-230 (19-7012)


Avtech Jabiru J-430 (VH-INK)


Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat


Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah (19-5151)


Skyleader 500 (24-8373)


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