Flying Day Four
Forrest - Ayers Rock
Total Flying Time = 3 Hours 25 Mins


Forrest, Western Australia

The overnight accommodation

Old Met Office & Museum, etc

Old Met Office & Museum, etc

DKR, Safe 'n' Sound, parked in the hangar

Camel Bones

Nullarbor Train Line (looking East)

Nullarbor Train Line (looking West)


Time to get VH-DKR ready for flight

Robinson R44, VH-KWT heads off to Kalgoorlie

Take-off roll, runway 36, Forrest

Airborne and crossing runway 09/27, Forrest

On track for Ayers Rock airport

Forrest Lakes

Soon to overfly the Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert

Serpentine Lakes

Enroute: Forrest - Ayers Rock

On track for Ayers Rock/Connellan Airport

Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert

Grey Nomads?

Rocky ranges off both wingtips

Approaching the Northern Territory border

Musgrave Ranges

Mann Ranges

The Northern Territory

Enroute: Forrest - Ayers Rock

Rainbow :-)

Butler Dome

Enroute: Forrest - Ayers Rock

Desert Sunset

Yulara, Uluru & Kata Tjuta

Late afternoon view of Ayers Rock


Approaching Ayers Rock / Connellan airport

Crosswind for runway 13, Ayers Rock



Over the threshold

Main wheels touchdown